About us

SAME is a company which combines different types of Hotels, Apartments and Guest Houses. All our facilities are maximally designed for customers. Standards are strictly controlled, which guaranteed high quality cleanliness and service.

About Same

The hotel rooms are fully equipped with all the necessary technical materials, wich is a necessary for the full package of services: orthopedic and anti-allergic mattresses, 5-star hotel bed linen, hygiene equipment and etc. Our staff is trained and therefore our team is ready for working during 24 hours to provide maximum comfort for the customers.

Hotels which are integrated in our system are mainly located in the city center, which makes it easier for travelers to coordinate. Our members are : Hotel Baratashvili 12; Hotel Isaka; Hotel Rustaveli 36 ; Guest House 36 ; Your House In Tbilisi; Family Apartment In Avlabari.

Each guest becomes a member of SAME family!